Born and raised in Germany, efficiency flows deep in my veins. I enjoy Schnitzel, Bratwurst, good bread - and delivering things on time.

Working my way through the  labyrinth of German bureaucracy has taught me many a lesson about what makes a good system and structure: What kind of information do you really need to understand a concept - and what kind of content can you leave out? How should your website be set up and structured, so that your clients buy your product and don't get lost along the way? ... not like any German government form, that's for sure. I help you communicate your product or service through good layout, structure and design to create functional, conversion orientated websites. All of my websites are bespoke to fit you and your business' unique needs.

Having lived in the UK for a couple of years now, I've come to appreciate small talk, the occasional scone and having tea every other minute. Some even say I've developed a sense of humour. I understand both English and German culture - and business - and speak both languages like a native speaker (although my German is getting worse by the day).

I combine German efficiency with English politeness, German structure with English taste, German bluntness with English humour - I'm the best of both worlds.

Sounds good to you? Drop me a line!

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