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Amelie Morweiser Web Design Work

Maria left a career as a maritime lawyer to become a painter. Sacrificing the rewards of legal practice for the joys of a new creative path, Maria paints a diverse mix of subjects in oils & watercolour. Growing up on the North East coast of England, Maria is drawn to the coastal landscape with all its variety & inspiration.  

The Brief

Maria wanted a website to show and sell her paintings. Users needed to be able to easily scroll through all her paintings. It was important to her that her work was presented in a visually appealing way that is fitting for an artist.

Amelie Morweiser Web Design Work

The Outcome

With a responsive design the website looks beautiful on all devices. Despite the great amount of images, the website loads quickly - even on mobile. Maria is pleased that she can easily update her gallery and works herself.

Site Features

Mobile Optimised

Maria's website works on all devices, so users can scroll through her works when they're on the go.

Easily Updatable

With a custom CMS system, Maria can easily change and update all the works she wants to present online.

Fast & Responsive

The website loads quickly, to ensure that all users have a great experience scrolling through Maria's work.

Maria Laffey

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