Terms & Conditions


My Promise To You

I want to have a clear, transparent and friendly relationship with all my clients, and will go out of my way to deliver the best value I can for you. If you have any issues while working with me, please talk to me - I promise to do the best I can to resolve any problems you have. I have written these terms & conditions with the aim of being as reasonable and clear as possible.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed, 50% of project fees are due upfront. The remaining 50% are due 15 days after site launch. I accept payment via local bank transfer or credit/debit card. You agree to make payments on time.

Unless otherwise agreed, recurring services such as fees for website hosting/content creation or ongoing consultancy are due every month, recurring on the day that the site launched or the consultancy started. These fees must be paid via debit/credit card unless another arrangement has been agreed, you will receive invoices.

My Expectations of You

Just as I will go out of my way to deliver for you, this goes two ways - I expect you to be reasonable in your dealings with me. Please be considerate and reasonable when requesting changes and updates to your site and understanding regarding time-zones, working hours etc. I have the right to end our working relationship with you if you abuse these generous terms and ways of working.


If you wish to cancel a project prior to its completion, the initial 50% is not refundable. I may wave this in exceptional circumstances. In the event of cancellation of a project before its completion, I will not release the work done up until this point, unless we've come to a different agreement.

After the Completion of a Project

If I provide hosting, email server, consultancy or other services, you can still end our working relationship. This can be done with 30 days notice. You will not be liable for any fees, however, we will no longer supply hosting, domain name registration & email server.

If you wish to host your site and email elsewhere, I can supply the raw site code, email archives, and domain name transfer for a one of fee of £200. Please allow up to 14 working days to collate and transfer all this data.

My Values

I stand for straightforward & honest marketing and web design. Accordingly, there are certain industries or content I do not wish to be associated with. I reserve the right to end our working relationship if you use your site to publish immoral or unethical content.


Amelie Morweiser is a trading name of ASM Marketing Ltd. - a Limited company based in England. All disputes are to be dealt with exclusively in the courts of England and Wales.


I cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of marketing activity undertaken.

I also cannot be held liable for any issues or problems which arise that are outside of my control. This includes, but is not limited to, technical failure, site ranking on search engines, changes in terms and conditions of third-party software providers etc. I will always do my best to rectify any issue you face, but I cannot be liable for that which I cannot control.

Furthermore, while I will endeavour and do my utmost to deliver results for you, I cannot ‘guarantee’ results. At its most philosophical, all marketing activities aim to persuade human beings to act - but humans are unpredictable. Any estimates I give regarding: traffic, conversions etc. are just that, estimates, and should be treated as such.

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